DIENES – a company with tradition


Unternehmenssitz_altDIENES Apparatebau GmbH is a company with tradition and experience founded in 1930 by Fritz DIENES in Mühlheim am Main. DIENES started through the production of electrical toys with heating applications during the economic boom years. The main focus was directed towards the development and implementation of small and medium-sized heaters and radiant heaters for industrial use.

The quality and reliability of the DIENES-products enabled the development of new markets. In the late 1950s, the relations with the textile industry in Frankfurt was prepared. This settled close cooperation for ground-breaking developments in the upcoming years. Starting with a view on industrial switchboards, very soon special adapted control systems were implemented for the textile industry.


Building on the experience gained from the early years DIENES researched increasingly on heating technologies situated in the formation of manufacturing processes of yarns and chemical fibers. This led to the implementation of heating processes for the production of polyamide fibers - better known today under the trade names Nylon or Perlon.

In this time bases were created which formed the foundation for further development and construction on heating apparatus and control units as well as godets and thread guides. Soon DIENES equipped complete draw zones, draw wind and draw twist machines with inductive heated rollers, heat plates and tube heaters.

The 1980s under the direction of Wolfgang Gehrmann and Max Broßmer were marked by further advancements caused by the increasing demand for fibers. The size of DIENES godets was enlarged and the temperature accuracy improved. 1988 DIENES introduced the first multi zone induction heated godet which set a standard in polyamide and polyester spinning mills. Furthermore the precision of DIENES heating tubes used for texturing processes build up a worldwide reputation. The product range of DIENES was extended further by the introduction of the contact less signal transmitter system Rototronik®. This was an essential step for the improvement of DIENES godets.

AIO 480x300-w

By the early 1990s DIENES presented the All-In-One godet, which was a pioneering integration of mechanics and electronics. This machine was integrated in numerous spinning machines worldwide until today.

Today DIENES is not only a specialist for godets, heaters and controls but also able through their close cooperation with partners to supply complete systems including the technical process part. The DIENES MultiMode® installations enable researchers and process developers to improve textile processes with a great precision steadily.

The research department of DIENES permanently develops products from the standard scope of supply and allows the mechanical and thermal treatment of industrial yarns, films and tapes made of new materials by performance limits which are raised frequently. Thus, they can provide thermal treatments today at temperatures up to 700°C and can cover complex drives with a speed range of 0.1 - 8,000 m / min.

Customers rely worldwide on the longstanding experience of DIENES. As a partner for machine components for the synthetic fiber production as well as textile special applications, we are ready for your tasks.

DIENES - your experts in fiber processing
  • Company founded by Fritz Dienes

    The company founded by Fritz Dienes in Mühlheim am Main firstly focused on the manufacture of toys with integrated heating applications.

  • Entry in the Textile Industry

    Development of switchgear for the textile industry with emphasis on heating control

  • Development of Temperature Measuring Devices

    Submission of patents for temperature measurement devices as well as first thyristor control and heater for draw-twisting machines. Likewise, the company DIENES is represented at the Hanover Fair in this period.

  • Takeover by Honeywell

    Honeywell takes over Fritz Dienes Apparatebau and operates under Dienes-Honeywell GmbH

  • Development of Equafil-Godets

    Development of Equafil-godets with double-wall steam chambers for speeds of up to 4.000 m / min.

  • Development of Rototronik®

    Development of non-contact measurement transmission named Rototronik®

  • High Frequency Heating for Godets

    Implementation of the first high-frequency heating in a godet for high temperatures and uniform temperature profile.

  • AIO-Godet

    Presentation of a godet with integrated controls. The All-In-One (AIO) godet impressed with a performance of 6000m / min and 250 ° C

  • TEMCO group takes over DIENES Apparatebau GmbH

    DIENES Apparatebau is assumed by Temco group.

  • Steffen Müller-Probandt takes over DIENES Apparatebau

    Steffen Müller-Probandt takes over DIENES Apparatebau GmbH by MBO of TEMCO. The location Muhlheim am Main will be maintained.

  • Laboratory- and Pilot Lines

    DIENES starts with the delivery of the first complete pilot lines. Which include the high-performance components from the delivery program of DIENES and enable researchers and technologists worldwide to easily evolve their processes.

  • Introduction of MultiMode® Systems for Pilot Lines

    After the successful establishment in the field of laboratory and pilot lines DIENES develops the MultiMode® system for pilot lines. By building individual function modules and the combination with intelligent control systems the flexibility of DIENES plants increased significantly. A simple replacement of modules and the modifications of the process flow enable new approaches in the development process.

  • Presentation of the Nanofiber Spinning Module

    DIENES Apparatebau introduces a highly efficient nanofiber spinning module. Due to the new centrifuge technology, a low fiber diameter of 80 µm is obtained with high production rate. The design of a DIENES MultiMode® module allows an independent operation as well as continuous integration into existing research installations.

  • Development of a Steam Chamber

    The introduction of a new steam channel for synthetic fiber production represents a milestone for the energy efficient production of fiber materials. The new design impresses with its compact design and a revolutionary maximum vapor pressure of 5 bar.