NEWSPEC Summerschool 2016


Welcome to the heart of Italy, where innovation and tradition become excellence

The 2nd European Course on Next Generation Carbon Fibres Processing, organized in the framework of the FP7-EU NEWSPEC project will provide a theoretical and practical training to young researchers and professionals in the field of Carbon Fibres (CF) and CF reinforced composites. The 1st Summer course, helt on June 2015, provided the theoretical basis. The lessons were mostly on CF manufacturing, using either standard and novel cost-effective and environmental-friendly techniques, and characterization of produced fibres. For logical consequence, the focus of this 2nd course will be on a practical training about CF composites manufacturing, both polymeric and ceramic composites. The practical lessons will be carried out in collaboration with some renowned industries such as: Brembo, BSCCB, Petroceramics, Lamborghini and Dallara. During the Course, the parcipating researchers and scientists will have a unique opportunity to visit the industrial laboratories, as well as the production sites, and interact with outstanding industrial experts in the field. NEWSPEC Summer School 2016 wants to be an excellence meeting point for both academic and industrial researchers, giving a chance to exchange knowledge and new ideas for next generation Carbon Fibre materials.
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